Love Muhammad 2015 is featuring 14 events across the UK, for more information on each events please go to the “VIEW EVENTS” page or click here

What is Love Muhammad?

Love Muhammad is a national campaign that seeks to unite communities together in their love and adoration for the final Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him.

The campaign seeks to actively bring together Sunni and Shia communities in the UK but instead of focusing on theology or differences, focus on the unifying Messenger himself. 

Love Muhammad has partnered with a number of organisations who are hosting various events celebrating the Prophet Muhammad through talks, discussions, poetry, song, storytelling and social action projects. 

Love Muhammad will be covered by and showcased on British Muslim TV, our media partners. 

Charity Campaign - Love Muhammad, Love Thy Neighbour 

We are excited to also bring together communities through a unique charity campaign by Penny Appeal, our partner charity. The campaign entitled "Love Muhammad, Love Thy Neighbour" will see us raise funds to support local food banks and soup kitchens across the country. 

The Penny Appeal team will have a presence at each event.

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