About Love Muhammad

The Love Muhammad campaign has been created to bring all Muslims from all Islamic religions and all Islamic Communities under one commonality and under the principle of Muhammad (pbuh), the final messenger and the prophet of Mercy.

Love Muhammad is a global campaign that seeks to unite communities together in their love and adoration for the final Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him.

The campaign actively seeks to bring together Sunni and Shia communities from around the globe with the objective of promoting Unity and introducing the holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as the unifying element instead of focusing on theological differences. Love Muhammad has partnered with a number of organisations who host various events promoting the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad through talks, discussions, poetry, song, storytelling and social action projects during the month of Rabi Al Awwal each year.

Our Achievements

With the grace of Allah (swt), Love Muhammad has managed to reach out to numerous Muslim communities in over 80 regions worldwide, and has created a constructive network of partnership with over 16 different organisations on a global scale through holding over 30 events with innovative themes. Our work is continuous and we endeavour to spread the unifying message of the holy prophet Muhammad (pbuh) the prophet of Mercy to a more wider global audience.

Our History

Love Muhammad was launched in 2013 with its first Grand event, and has since been running every year in Rabi Al Awwal through 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Our Journey

In 2013, after its first emergence, Love Muhammad successfully carried out a major event at London’s IndigO2 with over 700 attendees, and the following year in 2014 another major event at the Wembley Stadium was host to over a 1000 attendees from numerous Islamic communities across London.

Over the last four years, Love Muhammad has drawn the attention of high profile religious figures, academics who have supported the campaign through various aspects of contribution and have addressed the Love Muhammad audience in different events. Most recently as of 2015, Love Muhammad has partnered with more than 16 organisations and has expanded to promote the unifying message of the holy prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

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The 5th Annual Love Muhammad Campaign

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Our Partners

Love Muhammad is proud to work with numerous partners throughout different regions. The Love Muhammad events are held in partnership with these partners with whom Love Muhammad collaborates in organising joint Unity events to establish Muslim Unity and to promote the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in different communities. See our partners page for more information about our partners.

If you would like to join our network of partners please submit the form below and we will be in touch with you soon:

If you would like to join our network of partners please submit the form below and we will be in touch with you soon:

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