Love Muhammad 2013 - The Prophet of Mercy Jan 25, 2013

Friday the 25th of January 2013 THE PROPHET OF MERCY LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM The 25th of January 2013 marked the first day of the Unity Week amongst Islamic schools of thoughts. The event celebrated this auspicious day by hosting performances, renowned speakers, competitions and luxury prizes ending the day with socializing during dinner. Audiences from different backgrounds were present on the day creating a friendly environment. This event was held as part of a Global campaign that took place simultaneously in Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Turkey. The event began with a beautiful Quran recitation by one of the world’s most renowned reciters Dr Sheikh Ahmed Nu’aina. Yvonne Ridley, the vice president of the European Muslim League and the president of the International Muslim Womens' Union (in special status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)) of the United Nations spoke about “Muhammad, the Perfect Role Model”. Kristianne Backer who was a leading presenter in MTV Europe and is currently engaged in interfaith and intercultural dialogue gave a talk about “Mercy to Mankind”. She was honored with the Sciences and Arts Medal for her efforts in promoting and understanding Islam in the West. The Attendees will also benefit from the presence of the honorable Dr Kamal Helbawy, the founder of Muslim Council of Britain and Muslim Association of Britain, and who is also a founding member of the Islamic Unity Forum. Dr Helbawy spoke about “The week of Unity”. Sheikh Bahmanpour, scriptwriter to the ‘Saint Mary’ movie and renowned scholar enlightened the program with the topic on “freedom of speech or freedom to insult?”. The event hosted a lively performances by world famous Islamic Artist Mesut Kurtis.

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