Love Quran

The Love Quran campaign started as a second branch of the existing "Love Muhammad" and featured “The Revelation Of Mercy Festival” to bring together the Muslim community from around Britain to portray the unity and awakening of Muslims and Individuals from all backgrounds under the Holy Revelation of Mercy, the Quran, in preparation for the Holy Month of Ramadhan, the Month of Quran, exclusively featuring the “Love Quran Exhibition”. The Holy Quran fills our hearts with hope and the festival will celebrate in preparation for Ramadhan, the month of the revelation of mercy by running activities with themes of Justice, Peace, Love, Freedom and Unity and providing Islamic educational products. The “Love Quran Exhibition” attracted a variety of Islamic Businesses across the UK to present and sell their products, relative to the holy Quran, in a move which aims to create a diverse Islamic network for Islamic businesses in the UK and to boost and promote their businesses.